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The Interiors of Jane Austen's Heroines Diana Lloyd Wednesday 04 October 2017

This lecture commemorates the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death and is on the late Georgian interiors of her heroines. The formal drawing rooms at Mansfield Park, Barton Park, Rosings and Northanger Abbey will be compared with the numerous lesser Georgian drawing rooms in the country, London and Bath. The design of the table with the newspapers, the chairs by the fire and the sofa which can seat three, as well as the mantelpiece on which the Heroes lean will be imagined. The new dining room created by the Coles and the china and glass of 1814 will be contrasted with the Breakfast China of Norland park and Northanger Abbey coming from Staffordshire, as well as the new designs seen in London by General Tilney – in 1798 or when Northanger Abbey was revised in 1816. The possible wallpaper in Catherine’s bedroom at Northanger Abbey, the likely paper that Darcy would have chosen for his sister’s sitting room at Pemberley for the light, clearly Hepplewhite furniture that is mentioned, and Elinor’s choice for the parsonage on her marriage to Edward Ferrars.

Diana is a freelance lecturer in ceramic, glass and the history of interior decoration in Europe, North and South America. She lectures at the Inchbald School of Design, the Interior Design School and for American University Groups, NT and Antiques Societies and Christie's Education, and she guides groups through museum collections and country houses. She holds a Diploma with Distinction in the Fine and Decorative Arts from the Inchbald School of Design.