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03 May 2017Alphonse Mucha & the Creative Process
07 June 2017Paul & John Nash : Brothers in Art

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Alphonse Mucha & the Creative Process
Charles Harris
Wednesday 03 May 2017

Czech  artist  Alphonse  Mucha  quite  literally  wrote  the book on Art Nouveau. Documents  Décoratifs  became  the  definitive  text on the subject. Everything that is best about the style - elaborate ornamentation with themes from nature, fine  draftsmanship,  idealised  feminine  subjects,  symbolism  and allegory all flourished through him at the highest level. The Master of the Decorative Panel and one of the four great masters of the Poster in the Belle Epoque, he learned much from Sarah Bernhardt and created jewellery, stained glass windows and the Great Slav Epic.

Charles Harris is a multi-award winning Creative Director of global advertising agencies who has lectured extensively on design, illustration and photographic styles as they have influenced the building of brands. He has created posters for Nestle, Kraft, Sony, General Motors and Shell.

His photography has appeared in Time Magazine and he has produced film and video programme in several countries. His talk features posters that capture the vibrant spirit of the ‘’golden age’’ of La Belle Epoque.

You can see Charles' website here.